Thursday, July 15, 2010

Expanding and Sick

I have decided that I would like to expand my blog. Many people are doing amazing things, such as publishing books and producing music. I would like to help promote them and to share these amazing creations with you.

One of the women, Xian, lives in our house and she wrote a book that I am currently reading. She is amazing. An Acroyogi, world traveler, circus performer and she has her own publishing company. I would highly recommend that you check out her book: Why You Don't Need Shoes.

Unfortunately there has been a bug going around the house.  Steph was really sick yesterday and I've been fighting waves of nausea for three days.  I've still managed to train but I'm feeling kind of out of it.

Yesterday Pete and I did more doubles trapeze at Greentop and a yoga practice in the cemetery nearby. 

That's really all of the news for now.  

xo Erin

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Z said...

haha my status update yesterday was "it's a sunny day and I'll meet you at the cemetery gates"

yay to yoga there!

feel better woman!!!
Love you