Wednesday, May 12, 2010


We made it to London! Our flight was delayed and we landed almost 8 hours after we were scheduled to but here we are. It was a long flight with a bit of a detour because of the volanic ash. I was squished between Stephen and a rather large gentleman and I don't think I've ever been so happy to get off a plane. I think it was an extremely jarring experience for Stephen because he hadn't flown since a trip to PEI when he was a child.

I can't believe we got everything done that we needed to before we left and made it to the airport. We were up until 3am the night before we left, at the goodbye party that Beantpal so graciously threw and then doing some last minute packing. We got 4 hours of sleep and then continued with packing and errands.

Stephen's parent's and brother, Jon, picked us up in a van and saw us off. We couldn't have done it without them. Thank you so much guys!

We weren't sure what the situation would look like at customs since we only purchased a one-way ticket but it was a very smooth and quick process.

We checked in at the hostel and managed to book another night here. We slept in and missed check out the first night (oops) and today was another late day. I guess we still haven't adjusted to the time difference.

So yesterday was our first day busking! It was sort of an accident. We weren't prepared for it at all and had talked about training but when we stumbled onto an area with TONS of street performers, we decided to give it a shot. I'll just say a couple of things:
-yay us for trying (we even made a bit of money!)
-we learned a lot about what not to do
-we're excited to try it again when we are better prepared

Today we are moving to a new hostel in Soho. It looks like there are lots of veggie cafes around and like it's a little more suited to our style so I'm excited.

It's been a lot of fun riding the double-decker buses all around town and going through the grocery stores to discover the differences and similarities.

I am loving London. Lots of beautiful parks and interesting buildings.

Time to move to our new 24 hour home.

Love to you all,

Stephen's promising his debut post soon :)

PS If you're not on facebook, you can see more pictures here

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Z said...

so happy to have had a last night with you!

flying hasn't been the same since the 1980s :P

def. want to hear more about what you discovered NOT to do busking!