Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Leaving London

We are so ready to go. The hostel we've been staying at for the last few nights has been less than ideal and we are both feeling like we would have been fine with spending 3 or 4 days in London as opposed to a week.

We tried to busk yesterday. We had costumes, a really solid flow, a big crowd and we made NOTHING. We are having a hard time because we don't want to ask people for money (we did have a hat out) but if we don't then they don't give us anything.
We've been discussing putting up posters to advertise shows that we'll put on in parks, maybe followed by a workshop or class. It's a learning experience anyway.

On the positive side of things...
We ran together yesterday morning in Hyde Park! It was beautiful. Stephen hadn't run for years and I've been focusing on so many other things lately that I haven't done much running (and every time I do, I overdo it and end up in serious pain). We did 2 minutes run, 1 walk for the first couple and then 1 minute of each for about half an hour.

After our jog we grabbed hoops and yoga mats and had an awesome practice in the best park that I've seen in London.

We went to an awesome vegetarian restaurant in Soho last night called Mildred's. Almost everything was vegan and incredible (mixed mushroom pie, or wellington according to Stephen, omg!). The atmosphere was great and the art on the walls was phenomenal and created by one of the servers. We actually liked the art so much that Stephen got his card so that we can discuss tattoo design. His name is Mark Boyce, check him out here.

We need to leave our hostel around 3:30am to get to the airport so it's going to be an early night. Amsterdam tomorrow!

Love to you all,

PS For the non-facebookies, see more pics here.

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Olebiker aka Carl said...

Remember, that living a more fluid life requires the same kind of flexability in mind and spirit that you have in body.

Your wise old man :)