Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lovin it

The past few days have been great.  Friday I went for a run in a graveyard, it was nice to have some alone time. Later in the day I went to Greentop and trained for a couple of hours and then had a private tumbling lesson where I learned some awesome rolls and cartwheels as well as started working on back flips and continued to work toward front walkovers.  Above is a video of my handstand progress (any feedback, Smok?).  I'm still not holding it for very long but at least I'm sort of hitting the position.

Saturday morning my friend taught me some doubles trapeze stuff!  So much fun and I could see getting totally addicted.  Yesterday afternoon we watched Pirates of the Caribbean to try to get some ideas for our pirate performance and then I took a long nap.  I had planned to go to a festival downtown but didn't make it.

Today Stephen and I recorded another podcast, this one is a gentle/yin yoga practice and it should be available for purchase by tomorrow.

This afternoon I am continuing to work on my book, getting our demo video online (watch it here) so we can apply for that gig in India and relaxing.

That's all for now.

xo Erin


Olebiker aka Carl said...

It is all good.

Erin and Stephen's World Adventure said...


Z said...

oooh front walkovers were always my least favorite :/ i actually started practicing wheel today...i found an old photo album in a box somewhere that my mom put together of all my old diving/ gym articles and realized I miss doing flips of all kinds. i'd also like to incorporate more falling into my life again...not the breaking my leg kind - more the plunging into water kind ;)

happy to hear you're having fun!

i'm actually on a meditation retreat from home now with Shinzen so I'd better get back to practicing FLOW - it's my favorite because I get to be "gone" a lot.

I like being Gone ;)

Love you!

Erin and Stephen's World Adventure said...

you're going to start diving again?!? awesome!!!