Sunday, June 27, 2010

Amsterdam for 24 Hours

We're on a ship right now heading back to Amsterdam. It's a 16 hour ferry! It's a much better ship than the last one and the water is much calmer. The sunset was beautiful and we could see the almost full moon at the same time. This will be both of our first times sleeping at sea.

So we went in to Europcar in Sheffield to see if we could return our rental in England but we were told that it would cost 3000 pounds so we took this route. we'll be in Amsterdam for just over 24 hours and then we're heading back to Sheffield.

We're hoping to rent a room for a minimum of one month to do some serious training. The people that we have met so far in Sheffield are AWESOME.

If things go well, we may end up using it as a home base while we take some shorter trips around the rest of Europe.

That's all for now.

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