Monday, June 14, 2010

Southern Lights Festival

What an awesome weekend! The location for the festival was amazing. It was in Southern England, near Wareham and we were camped on a hill with a view of the sea at the bottom. There was a hill behind us with a ton of sheep. It was really cool to wake up to the sound of sheep.
There were quite a few people from all over. The people were also awesome. There were some good workshops, awesome performances and great conversations (you rock, Russ). I would definitely like to come back next year, depending where I am.
I will post one short video now from the fire show and the rest later. Unfortunately I don't know the performers names or where they are from. Here are new fb pics.

The weather was great. It got pretty hot during the day and cold at night though. We didn't get any rain until Sunday night.

So we're off now to Edinburgh, Scotland for the photo and video shoot. We'll see what happens there. We got a lot of good busking ideas over the weekend and we're anxious to try them out. After Scotland we are heading to Sheffield, England to take some tumbling classes and check out the hoop and poi jams. After that it's back to Amsterdam to return the car and hopefully get another one. Then it's on to Germany!

xo Erin and Steph


Kathi said...

Sounds like you guys had an awesome time! So glad you're keeping us posted - I just love it and it makes me miss you a tiny bit less! Great pics too. Say hi to Prim for us and have a fan-freakin'-tastic time. Love you tons...........

Z said...

with you in spirit!