Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Great Day!

We *may* have a car tomorrow morning! Woo hoo! There were some hoops to jump through since I've only had my G2 for a few months and they need proof that I've been driving for more than a year but with some stressing and an internet cafe, I think we got things resolved. We are supposed to pick it up at 10am. Even greater news is that it is half of the price of the online quote because of a summer sale. Very exciting.

I had a great yoga practice this morning on the roof at the hotel until I was told to get down before someone called in a suicide attempt. LOL.
We also had an awesome practice in Vondel Park today and are going to continue getting back into our routine.

My legs have been getting quite the workout too...we're on the fourth floor here and there is no elevator. Getting our gear upstairs was quite interesting.

Our current plan is to get the car in the morning, train in the park and then head to The Hague (thanks for the recommendations!).

I'll write again soon.


Olebiker aka Carl said...

I see that you seem to be well anchored. Good news about the wheels.

Erin and Stephen's World Adventure said...

We got the car!!! Had to pay more to get an automatic but I didn't want to learn standard right now. Hope to catch you on skype soon. Love you!