Wednesday, June 9, 2010


This morning we found an awesome place to eat that had vegan food! The woman was super nice and the food was awesome (meat, veg and vegan), check her out here if you're in the area.

After that we did laundry, walked up to the top of Belfry Tower, a medieval bell tower in the middle of the city (holy stairs), and went to the Salvador Dali gallery.

This afternoon we found a park with a gazebo and set everything up to record a podcast but because of the wind it sounded awful. We did some acro training instead and had an audience of guys drinking in the park. One got the courage to approach us and he took pictures on his cell phone. I guess we are going to need to be in a controlled environment when we record. We are in a hostel tonight but I'm beat and don't think I have the energy to make a podcast.

We are going to Scotland on the 15th to meet up with Primrose Craig, a photographer who is going to do photos and a video for us. The plan is to get a bunch of podcasts done by then and then post everything on my website. Check her out here.

We are heading out tomorrow to Dunkerque, France and then back to England from there.

Signing off now.

Love Erin

PS New fb pics here.

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Shannon Z. said...

Salvador Dali! So lucky! I'm glad you found a great place with vegan food. I didn't know Prim was in Scotland! Very cool that you'll be meeting up with her there. :)