Saturday, June 12, 2010

From Bruges to England

Well yesterday was a great big ball of stress. We left Bruges in the early afternoon and headed toward Southampton, England. We drove through France to get the ferry to the UK. I asked around a bit in Bruges to see if anyone knew the price of the ferry and no one did. I figured it couldn't be that much and didn't bother researching it online. Oops. We walked into the ticket both in Calais, France and got a one way ticket and walked out 119 Euros poorer!!! Ouch. That is the most expensive ferry I've ever heard of. Apparently the chunnel is even more expensive. I don't know how we'll get back but we're definitely going to put some time into researching it.
All things considered, the ferry was pretty fun, though it took a bit of time before we found our sea legs.

Once we got to England there was the shock of driving on the other side of the road. I haven't been doing much driving at all and I am not willing to drive here. Poor Stephen had a helluva time yesterday. Not only are the roads insanely narrow and the roundabouts are ridiculous but the setting on the gps was changed and it took us off the highways. We ended up seeing incredibly beautiful countryside but we were driving on impossibly narrow unpaved roads in the middle of nowhere (see the video below...yes that little thing near the start that can hardly be considered a road is what we were driving on). It got pretty sketchy until we changed the setting and found our way back to the highway.

We stayed in a hotel again last night because it was pouring rain and cold. We're blowing through way too much money with all of the hotels but hopefully it'll stay warm soon. After we visit Scotland we'll be heading further south anyway.

So I probably won't have internet access over the weekend, we'll be at the Southern Lights festival, hooping and acroing ourselves silly, taking workshops, networking and playing (possibly with fire, heh).
I'll try to get some videos of the festival.

Have a great weekend everyone!
Erin and Stephen

PS. New pics here.


Olebiker aka Carl said...

Now you know why Kathi and I travel by motorcycle. It is not for the comfort.

Z said...

you know that flower pic looks JUST like the one I based my inner forearm on! did you or stephen take it?

love you

Erin and Stephen's World Adventure said...

i took it. love you too.